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Printed Artwork  

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What better way to decorate your walls and tables than with a stunning portrait of your favourite people?  Your memories are so precious and time passes so quickly.  To have your memories displayed for you to see, remember and smile at every single day - that is, after all, what photography is all about! 

Why Print? 

Let's face it, we are ALL guilty of using our mobiles as "that'll do" methods of storing memories.  We snap a quick pic of our toddlers first steps, make a note of the date in our notes app and quickly squash that fleeting anxiety over what would happen if you ever had a mobile phone blip and lost all of these priceless memories.  "I'll back it up later..." That happened to me by the way! Yep, all of my youngest son's first year gone in an instant.  Of course I thankfully had images I had taken of him with my camera stored to backup drives but all of those in between images gone in the blink of an eye.  I cried.  A lot.

Unfortunately, while we are the most photographed generation yet, we are going to be a generation with more lost memories than any other.  

We have seen technology move so quickly.  We have moved away from those giant floppy discs (if you remember those like I do - it's time for an eye cream), quickly past hard discs to CD drives to USBs and hard drives and now to digital storage.  I can't keep up! 

I read once that something like 67% of us only store our memories on our phones!!  So...what does this mean for us?  Well, it means that when our children are older there will be no prints or albums to look through and laugh and recollect together over on rainy Sunday afternoons.  That your daughter will not be able to show her little girl what you looked like when you were 30 or a picture of herself taking her first steps.  At least 67% of us will probably not have any photographic memories to pass down to future generations.  
















Not just Printing, Heirloom Quality Printing


Your memories are not just precious, they are priceless.  The memories you pass on to future generations are priceless.  This is why your memories deserve only the very best.

Not only do you want the best products available in Australia displayed in your home, but the quality printing available only to professional photographers, can simply not be beaten.  These artisans dedicate their life's work to ensuring that your memories are printed to the highest standard possible.  You cannot get prints like these at commercial printing laboratories down the road.  These are literal printed works of art.  If you would like me to bring some samples to your session, let me know! 

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