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Autumn, beautiful Autumn

Oh Autumn, you have been exceptionally beautiful this year.

There is something so stunning about Autumn. Those beautiful blue skies followed by crisp cool nights. The beautiful reds, oranges and yellows lighting up the landscape in a stunning earthy rainbow, the light breezes blowing the leaves to the ground in a beautiful coloured shower and that beautiful soft hazy sunlight filtering though the trees. All in all, a photographers dream and an absolute pleasure to behold and capture.

Stunning scenery and lighting combined with beautiful Autumn coloured outfits truly do make for incredible portraits. As the last of this year's leaves float to the ground over the next week I will definitely be making the absolute most of it and taking my camera out at every opportunity.

Autumn, it has been an absolute pleasure. I will be waiting so eagerly for your return.

If you would like to book a session for your family next Autumn I highly recommend booking nice and early to avoid missing out. The Autumn colours are truly at their best for 2-3 weeks of the year at a maximum so spots truly are limited.


Little girl running down a road lined with vibrant Autumn trees

Two little girls in a field with some friendly cows

My girls and I

Leaves make the best toys

Brilliant red perfection

Two little girls being showered with leaves

#autumn #children #childhood #autumncolours #autumnleaves #childrensphotography

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